So many of us have become O.C.Es… Obsessive Compulsive Environmentalists. We’ve all listened to and acted on the advice we’ve been given to do our part in combating Global warming. We’re ditching our diesel cars, Recycling has become a way of life for us, We’ve fitted energy saving light bulbs and made our homes as energy efficient as we can, we switch off the lights when leaving the room, take short showers under our water saving shower heads, turn off the tap when brushing our teeth.

And where has doing all of this got us? Nowhere at all… Things just continue to worsen despite our commitment and our best efforts.

Could it be that there be something else that might be the leading cause of this enormous environmental challenge we are facing? Might it be that intensive chemical and pesticide based agriculture are doing more harm than we know? Organic farming produces a higher yield than modern factory farming and is healthier for us and our Planet. In chemical based practices the soil is dead and devoid of billions of microorganisms that are present in healthy organic soil. Luckily for us, there are scientists, farmers and children working on solutions… For us, our planet, all life and the next generations.