Who would have believed it… Just a few years ago nothing seemed to be changing regarding the challenging and potentially dire state of our Earths living ecosystem….And now… I just switched on the tv and there was a mainstream UK politician saying “What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” !!! A quote worthy of the Lakota Holy man and Leader, Sitting Bull if ever I heard one.

For so long we have raped, pillaged and poisoned our Planet in the name of “Sustainable Growth” for the benefit of the few… But we are many and we are waking up to the fact that on a finite planet… There can obviously be no such thing as “Sustainable Growth” There’s only so much land, air and water to poison and our ways just have to change.

This awareness in everyone has led to incredible action to address Climate Change and plastics from people all around the World. Things are getting better as we learn about the challenges we face from these issues and work together towards solutions. Our Governments can be slow to get up to speed with our wishes… They have their own agendas and it takes enough of us to get their attention and open their ears!

But it seems they are finally open… Agendas, proposals and plans are being put in place to work towards the needs for a sustainable future for our Planet, us and our children. And this is to be celebrated! We have come so far in such a short time… There is a mountain to climb but at least we have made it to Base Camp.

There is, however an aspect that has been largely ignored … in the UK at least… The use of harmful pesticides in producing our food and the effects that these chemicals have on us and all life on our planet. All you have to do at this time of the year is turn on the TV and there will be an advert to persuade you to buy a “Weed killing gun” to get rid of those pesky weeds that pop up in your garden and on your drive. I’m not going to risk legal action by mentioning any particular products. 🙂 Nice Mr Google can fill you in (Other search engine providers are available!) Just have a search for Glyphosates and you will get an idea of the scale of the poisoning of us, our children and our planet There is proof that these chemicals are deadly poisons to all life, but it’s a multi billion £$ industry that has gone below the radar for decades… there are many lawsuits ongoing due to the dedicated work of researchers, scientists and Doctors worldwide in their quest for truth and compensation for those who have and continue to suffer the consequences of contact with these products. Over 13,400 in the US alone, and the latest case to be heard on Monday the 13th of May 2019 almost $2 Billion was awarded to a couple in damages. And our European neighbours are campaigning for a total ban on glyphosate pesticides too… https://www.france24.com/en/20190519-france-monsanto-bayer-world-wide-march-environment-planet-roundup-glyphosate

This is the scale of the problem we and our planet face…

Estimated worldwide annual sales of pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and others) in billions of dollars, 1960-1999 – Agrios (2005)
Total global pesticide production and global pesticide imports, 1940s-2000 – Tillman et al. (2002)2

Source https://ourworldindata.org/fertilizer-and-pesticides

And from a Friends Of The Earth email I received recently… “Bees, butterflies, and other insects are dying at alarming rates. Scientists are warning if we don’t stem insect decline, we could soon face the “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems.

A leading driver of insect declines is the increased use of pesticides like glyphosate, chlorpyrifos, dicamba and neonicotinoids. These pesticides have devastating effects not just on insects, but also on our health and environment.

If we don’t act fast to shift away from toxic pesticides, we could lose iconic pollinators like bees and the monarch butterflies. What’s more, these pesticides harm birds and other species. 

And these pesticides destroy more than just our environment. They are also detrimental to our health. Chlorpyrifos is part of a class of chemicals developed for nerve gas by Naz.i Germany and damages children’s brains. And glyphosate — a.k.a. Monsanto’s Roundup ® — is linked to cancer.

Dicamba is a volatile chemical that drifts and has damaged an unprecedented number of crops, plants and farmer livelihoods. Just last year, an estimated 1.1 million acres of soybeans were damaged because of dicamba drift. It’s so bad that states from Arkansas to Missouri placed temporary bans on this toxic pesticide.  

These pesticides have no place in our environment, on our shelves, or in our food system. But the federal government has done far too little to eliminate them.”

This was obviously aimed at concerned citizens of the U.S.A. but in these days it is a worldwide concern and Governments appear care more about their friends and donors than all of the people they are meant to be looking after. It appears we have a choice to make … Do we wait in the hope and trust our Governments to sort this problem out or do we take the power in our own hands to change course? All life on Earth and the lives of future generations are depending on us to make a choice. The Native American Nations and people weigh the consequences of their actions and decisions on the lives of the next 7 generations. Maybe it’s time for us to begin working towards the same goal… It’s not going to happen overnight, but we must begin somewhere and we all know deep inside that we just cannot continue down this path any longer. If there were a better way, would you take it? Admittedly this would seem so very daunting … But what if there was already a solution?…And so begins the next stage of the evolution of The Reptile Experience… We are committed to doing our part… fertiliser and pesticide free food for ourselves and our animals and sharing the information and know how of how to achieve this. I owe it to myself, our family of animals, our visitors and our Earth. A perfect new premises has been found for this next stage in the evolution of The Reptile Experience. And just how can we live a life free from these deadly poisons that are contaminating us and our planet, I hear you asking?

Aquaponics – A system of producing food for ourselves and our families that is completely free from chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Could this be the future for agriculture? It’s certainly a step in the right direction and we don’t have to wait for Governments and supermarkets to agree… we can begin now! No watering, no weeding, no messy soil and no chemicals to poison ourselves or our planet. Sounds good to me! It’s quite simple to set up a system… a bit of outdoor or indoor space…a few DIY skills and the know how are all that is necessary to be self sufficient. It would be good if our Governments agreed with this sentiment… However, they are reflections of us and lag a bit behind. Every single one of us has the power to change the World resting inside of us, we are not just little physical beings… every choice we make for the better affects everyone and everything. Quantum physics proves that every decision we make creates a whole new Universe! Let’s begin by supporting a new vision for the production of the food that we eat… whether we produce it ourselves or if we buy it. We only have one family and one planet that we live on… isn’t it time for us to find sustainable and effective solutions to feeding ourselves that don’t poison ourselves and the natural world? The health of ourselves and our Planet would be so much improved by a return to organic farming practices. I do hope you agree with this vision for our future… It’s time has come … Here’s one way of producing top quality organic produce in a fraction of the space necessary for conventional farming. If you have a spare 8 minutes… Have a nosey at this… An explanation of just how it works…


We’re a bit behind with Aquaponic food production here in the UK.. It’s really taking off all over the World… We just haven’t known about it before .. But now we do.. and a life sustaining, chemical free future is possible for us if we choose it. If you feel inspired .

If you feel inspired to create your own system… I hope you might consider it… In the long run it’s nowhere near as much work as driving to a Supermarket every few days… It’s working smarter rather than harder… I can really go for that! I recently attended a training course in building a complete system and I can honestly say that I have never had such vibrant, healthy organic food before.