Our Passion is to help animals

The use of complimentary medicine has played a vital role in the work we do here at The Reptile Experience. Often, the animals we rescue need the best care and treatment from our highly skilled veterinarian and this has been invaluable in our work… There’s no alternative, when animals need complex medications and surgeries to save their lives. This form of conventional and emergency treatment has saved the lives of many of our residents from the physical diseases and traumas they have arrived with. However, my 25 years of experience as a practitioner and teacher of complimentary therapies has played an equal role… Veterinary care is essential in treating the physical aspect of disease … as is conventional medicine to our own health. To work on this and to balance the other aspects of ourselves and our animal companions, We have found that the holistic approach brings the best, long lasting results…leading to our very healthy, happy, well adjusted and incredibly docile family of animal ambassadors here at The Reptile Experience.

Reiki – The Usui Method Of Natural Healing

Reiki is an holistic method of healing that works to restore and balance the mind, body, emotions and spirit for animals as well as us humans. Reiki is a non intrusive energy balancing technique that can benefit any animal. It is safe, very effective and can do no harm. It can be beneficial for everything from illnesses to injuries. Behavioural problems can also be resolved. Reiki can help speed up recovery from illness and injury as it allows the animal to heal itself on a deep, natural level.

I began studying and practicing Reiki in 1996 and qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher in 1997. Since then I have used it with great success in clinics and therapy centres for two legged clients and for all of the animals under my care while working as a zoo keeper and now at The Reptile Experience. When treating people it is usually a “hands on” therapy and this works just fine, however this approach sometimes isn’t practical or appropriate when working with animals so physical contact is only made when initiated by the animal… When safe for the practitioner, of course! Over the years I have used Reiki to help just about any type of animal you could think of and have had a high level of success with treating physical illness, behavioural and emotional problems.

Dogs, cats and other household pets, sheep, horses and other livestock and Birds of Prey, Lemurs and small primates, big cats and many other zoo animals. And of course… Reptiles. I have also studied and practice animal communication and often gain a deeper insight into the animals needs because of this. That’s how Rocky the “psychic” iguana and I nearly made it to the televised stage of Britain’s Got Talent. 🙂 All animals are treated as the sentient, intelligent, emotional beings that they are and honoured as healers and teachers from a spiritual perspective.

Consultations, Appointments and Costs

So, after 4 years of it only being our family of animals to benefit.. It is now time to offer our services to a wider audience and help more animals and owners. For animals that are comfortable with travelling, appointments can be made to visit our Saundersfoot premises and the costs are £40 for an hour and £25 for half an hour. The initial session may take longer than an hour as it will involve a detailed consultation to discern treatment aims.

If visiting our premises is not an option, then a visit to you is possible and will be free of charge within a 5 mile radius of Saundersfoot. If necessary we are willing to travel further, but the cost will be higher to reflect time and fuel expenses.

Appointments can be made by phoning : 07940 793845 or by email at : info@reptile-experience.co.uk