In our quest to provide the best possible experience for our visitors we have a new range of Encounters available for 2019. Visitor feedback has been invaluable in this process along with our observations and so… We are proud to announce our new and improved offerings…

Standard Encounter.

This is the one for you if you are curious about our residents and would like to spend an hour getting acquainted. This is the best one for you if you have children under 5.

One hour Standard Encounter .. 11am daily. Adults £10  Children under 13 and Concessions £8

Deluxe Encounter.

This one’s for you if you are a bit more adventurous and would like to meet a larger selection of our animals on a 2 hour visit… and have older children.

2 hour Deluxe Encounter… 1.30pm daily. Adults £15, Children under 13 and Concessions £10

And for the first time ever, we now have the…

Ultimate Encounter Experience.

If you or your children are obsessed with our scaley relatives and would like to have a more personal and private session, then this one’s for you. No crowds of other visitors … a much quieter and intimate session where you can meet our most exotic residents who don’t venture out during the larger group Encounters.  If you want the best we have to offer… this is it.  Many of our visitors have requested we make something like this available… your wish is our command!

Ultimate Encounter Experience. 2 1/4 – 2 1/2 hrs. 4pm daily, £49 per person

Photography Experience

This one is for a private session that is tailored to your wishes… Anything goes. All of our family of residents are quite photogenic and lined up for you. As with the Ultimate Encounter , the quieter environment means our more delicate and exotic residents are all available for duty! Ideal for individuals or groups.

Photography Experience.  2 – 2 1/2 hrs. 4pm.  £49 per person