At The Reptile Experience I have seen the beneficial effects of our animals interactions with our visitors in many ways. My number one mission has always been to help everyone overcome their fears of these misunderstood animals and I have been very successful with this over the past 4 years. Gently encouraging everyone to do something they never thought they could and watching them leave feeling that they have conquered their deepest fears and feeling 10 feet tall has been very humbling and fulfilling experience.

Because of this, and my other area of passion and expertise as a complimentary therapy practitioner and teacher, I have recently realised that a new offering combining both of these would add to the value and help I can offer to our visitors with health challenges and evolve my work in new and exciting ways. So… Here’s a quote randomly taken from the internet.. “Animal-assisted therapy is a growing field that uses animals to help people recover from or better cope with health problems, such as heart disease, cancer and mental health disorders.” I have seen many instances of the healing effects of interaction in the time I have been introducing my family of animals… Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome, Forces Veterans with PTSD, Fibromyalgia and M.S sufferers, and visitors with all sorts of psychological problems and more have left feeling better than when they arrived. And on a personal level… healing from cancer. This is the one thing I really know about from my own experience, but my adorable family of soppy animals seem to work their magic on everyone!

I have been a practitioner and Teacher of Reiki since 1997 and am certified and qualified in various other “healing” techniques… I have seen the validity of this once thought woo woo practice through the results I have seen in clients well being over the many years. What was once deemed to be madness has gained acceptance in Hospitals all around the World as an effective and valuable tool in promoting healing and wellness. To describe and explain the philosophy and practice of Reiki and it’s benefits would be too much to include here…but the latest research can be found at… Basically, it works to find and bring balance in all of the parts of ourselves, The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual… (it’s not Religious… No need to believe in anything at all ) parts of us and it works on all these aspects of ourselves to address the root cause of any problem to heal and remove anything that stands in the way and leads to the unencumbered activation and stimulation of our own innate healing mechanisms from within… A true holistic solution that can work in ways that we don’t really see or experience in our conventional system of medicine.

Reiki is usually experienced through a “hands on” session… Just like our animal encounters! But it is not limited to that way for anyone who has qualified in the highest of the 3 levels of training and flows out of the practitioner to anyone and everyone who can benefit.

This has always been my intention for my work here at The Reptile Experience… to give all I can to benefit everyone who steps through the door and I suspect that it has been this way right from the start… both of these parts of myself and the animals working in unison to help everyone to a better life… for all visitors, the animals, myself and the local and wider community. I feel and know that this way of working is the way forward… It’s been lovely just being a visitor attraction… We have all enjoyed ourselves immensely with that… We all long for more and this is the way forward … a deeper and more meaningful way.

And so, this new offering… for visitors to come and have a private session to enjoy the interaction with our adorable, soppy and affectionate scaley family and benefit from the healing energy and magic of Reiki is uncharted territory to be moving into.

So, to begin this exploration of possibility, any local charities and organisations will take priority as we begin this new way of operating… and this will be on a donation only basis so we can work together to tailor sessions to meet the needs of your clients and organisation to create an effective framework for your clients and for our future offerings.

Just give me a call or an email and I will do my best to work with you towards your goals for yourself or anyone in your care. 🙂