The Home of Reptiles in Wales

The Reptile Experience is an exciting and fun “hands on” interactive reptile rescue and education centre set in the beautiful seaside village of Saundersfoot near Tenby.
This popular all weather attraction brings the exotic and fascinating life of the rainforests and deserts of the world to visitors of all ages.
Your adventure into the magical realm of the natural world begins the moment you step through the door to be greeted by dragons, giant lizards, giant snakes, tortoises and turtles, frogs and assorted “creepy crawlies”.

We offer an experience that cannot be found by visiting any zoo… animals behind glass are a wonder to behold, but to meet and interact with them is priceless and often a moment that can transform and change you forever. Overcoming fear is an essential life skill and we are proud to see so many of our visitors pushing through their comfort zone every day. These animals aren’t  scarey creatures to be feared, they are sentient, emotional and intelligent animals… Just pay us a visit and you will see them for what they really are and maybe even end up loving them!

Our Encounters last for between 1 – 2 1/2 hours and you will get to meet a good selection of our adorable scaley residents. Please see our Encounter page for full details of what’s on offer.

Encounters are scheduled by our experienced zoo keeper staff,  please visit our contact page for online booking … I’ve only got it working at last! This is the easiest and best way ..or  email : or call / message 07940793845 to check availability and book your unforgettable family adventure.

And don’t forget to bring a camera as your encounter will be filled with once in a lifetime photo opportunities.


Our adorable, reptile ambassadors enjoy meeting with our many visitors and a great deal of enjoyment is had by them too! Our purpose built encounter room enables the best possible interactive experience for everyone. Whether scaley or 2 legged! All of the animals can be touched, held and fed while learning about their habts and lifstyles.

Reptile Rescue

As well as offering our “hands on” encounters our work includes  rehoming of reptiles in our centre permanently when possible and offering temporary accommodation until suitable new owners can be found when not. We have one of the only turtle sanctuaries in Wales, which is currently home to 10 terrapins and Sherman, a large common snapping turtle. Since legislation was introduced in 2015, owners of the most commonly kept turtle pets have limited options when the animals outgrow their housing. It is now illegal to sell or give them away. We are looking to increase our capacity, since rehoming in a permanent place of sanctuary or euthanasia are all that are legally possible now.


The reptiles of the world haven’t had the best press over the years and our mostly thought to be dangerous “cold blooded killers” who act purely on instinct without intelligence or the ability to reason.

This misunderstanding has led many people to fear them. Our mission is to portray them in a more accurate way by educating about their complex lifestyles, their emotional connections with each other and us, their complex behaviours and often remarkable intelligence.